About Us

Dick Steele, Weymouth North graduate, class of "75" former  Varsity Girls' Basketball coach at Silver Lake Regional High School, is the co-director of the camp and has over 30 years of experience coaching boys and girls at the high school level. Dick's basketball camp experience is second to none. He has worked Red Auerbach's Camp, Celtic Rookie Camp, Dave Cowen's Camp, Larry Bird's Camp, Sarah Behn's Camp, and Coordinator of Championship Basketball Camp and has been a guest lecturer at many of the local camps in the Eastern Mass area.

Assisting Dick this year is Weymouth High Girls Varsity Coach Jimmy Dolan. Coach Dolan has been working at the camp as co-coordinator the last few years and is now a co-director with an extensive resume. Coach Dolan has coached at the famed Hoop Mountain Basketball Camps as well as Winchendon Prep, which has one of the top basketball programs in the country. Coach Dolan is also a graduate of Weymouth Summer Hoop!

For those not familiar with the Weymouth Summer Hoop program, it actually began 37 years ago in Weymouth. Dick Steele along with Jerry Morelli (coaches at Weymouth North High School Basketball), and John Fleming (Weymouth South High Basketball coach) began what many consider the longest continuous running day basketball camp in Eastern Massachusetts. The idea was to create the feel of an overnight camp without the late afternoon and evening sessions. Many of the staff hired is the same staff (coaches and counselors) that works the overnight camps. The camp was a hit right away and still is today.

The camps structure is similar to the overnight camp. Campers are grouped by ability as well as age. Parents should not worry about their children being overwhelmed. This camp meets the needs of the inexperienced as well as the experienced player. All will be challenged through drills, instruction, and games, games, games.

The Weymouth Summer Hoop Camp also provides scholarships to youth basketball groups to help raise money for their programs. 

Also Weymouth Summer Hoops would like to thank the Weymouth Dairy Queen for its support of our program.